Technology isn't the process

The last thing we think about is technology. Tech isn’t the process. Here is how executives thing about tech investments.

Technology isn't the process
Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES / Unsplash
“The last thing we think about is technology. Tech isn’t the process.”

These words came from a CXO during client interviews in early 2021.

My employer is an IT company. Did we have an existential problem?

Not once we had context.

The executive went on to explain how they think about their business opportunities and challenges.

Process first.

If they can solve a problem by improving process, they do. By creating new process, they do.

Only after exhausting those avenues will they ask whether technology solves the problem.

A lot of executives think this way. Learning that this perspective is shared helps our team communicate more effectively with our “best fit” clients.

On reflection, I realized it’s also how I think about marketing technology, and non-program marketing investments generally.

Do you weigh your workflows and processes in your (martech) decision making? Sometimes? Never? Always?

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