Thanks for checking out my personal blog, taking the time to learn a little more about where I've come from and what the future holds.

Raised in an entrepreneurial and academic family, my father is a professor of applied mathematics with a PhD in continental shelf wave dynamics. My mother owned a successful garment business. As a kid a ran a paper route and from the age 15 worked in Australia's equivalent of Radio Shack. During college I worked in the telecommunications group at the university, continued work at the electronics store, and volunteered at a student outreach organization on campus.

Cycling back a decade or so, in third grade I "hacked" my elementary school cafeteria to get ice cream during summer. I had a relatively simple hypothesis and iterating through tests I eventually got to the correct answer. I had a lot of friends that summer.

Beginner's luck (perhaps) that I've taken into a marketing and management career spanning the music industry, book publishing, open source software, and now information technology.

Creativity is core to many of the entrepreneurs who inspire me, along with the artists who move the world with their work. I believe everyone is creative, but I know from experience it takes a certain type of bravery to live by it. Creativity changes the world more than any discipline.

I’m a lifelong musician, albeit not a very good one. Gifted enough to have played several instruments for a time, but not confident enough to make a career. Turning that love for tunes into a music business career, I co-managed bands signed to Universal and Warner Music. Those were some of the best days of my life.

Transforming a love of reading, I co-founded with my amazingly talented wife Australia’s leading book publishing services business. Clients included global publishers like HarperCollins and Random House.

After relocating the family from Australia to the United States in 2012, and with a startup fail behind me, I returned to marketing. Marketing to, for and with humans. I hope you agree that humans are endlessly fascinating.

Thinking back to the ice cream saga, I've learned along the way that there aren’t any hacks. Just focused, deliberate, considered work.

Please hang for a while and read some of the posts on the blog. They meander from tech to tunes to words. I also discuss marketing from the perspective of small teams. I call it Marketing, Minified.

When the insanity of a mismanaged response to the novel coronavirus finally resolves, if you happen to be in the Bay Area (California) let's grab a coffee.