With the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix upon us, entreprenuers wouldn't typically expect to get sage advice from a motor racing driver. In a recent interview with the BBC, multi-times World Champion Lewis Hamilton shared a few relevant thoughts.

So many of us can drive one single lap fast. But it's about ticking all the boxes. It's about having balance through long runs, about how you use the tires, it's decisions you make when you're around other cars. It's how much you attack. It's how much you pull back.

All I can advise to any kid out there who's trying to race. Don't listen to people who tell you, you need a mental coach. Or need someone to help control your (state of) mind. You need to let it run wild and free and discover yourself. It's all about discovery. Only you can do it. No-one can tell you, "don't do that." You have to experience it yourself in order to learn and grow from it.

In an environment where people work 12+ hour days to make their investors rich–even though research suggests most workers are productive for as little as 3 hours/day–Hamilton's advice is "do your own thing."

Most importantly he's advocating for balance. Think for yourself!