I recently moved cities in the Bay Area (California). With school aged children of my own, I have seen first hand how a local community can positively impact the lives of students outside the classroom.

Which is why I am incredibly excited to be able to mentor one of Willow Glen Middle School's Vex Robotics Competition teams.

Beyond building a robot with one of my daughters, and assembling a few PCs, I know nothing of robots. I'm a marketing guy, and STEM leaves me bamboozled. Respect to everyone who geeks out on it.

What I do know a little bit about though is building great teams. It is such a privilege to be guiding a bunch of super smart, motivated students.

The other thing I know is that I will inevitably learn as much from the kids, as they do from me. Possibly more.

Over the next few months, with their permission, I'll share our journey.