I'm always thinking. Like, always. Shower, driving, working, writing this ... always calculating likely outcomes of decisions, things that even if known are highly unpredictable. It's not healthy.

A reason it's not healthy is that if I'm thinking all the time, I'm not paying attention to the here and now. I needed to become more mindful and I knew the answer was meditation. But nothing I tried worked. Apps, guided playlists, you name it, always thinking.


On the recommendation of a colleague I tried the Headspace app. Amazingly, inside two week I started to become more mindful.

Admittedly I fail more often than I succeed. Which is fine. The process matters. Perhaps, it's the point.

So thanks Andy Puddicombe and the team at Headspace for your work. It changes lives <3

If any of this resonates, consider Headspace. Sheryl Sandberg is a fan too.