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This guy changed my life

I'm always thinking. Like, always. Shower, driving, working, writing this ... always calculating likely outcomes of decisions, things that even if known are highly unpredictable. It's not healthy.

A reason it's not healthy is that if I'm thinking all the time, I'm not paying attention to the here and now. I needed to become more mindful and I knew the answer was meditation. But nothing I tried worked. Apps, guided playlists, you name it, always thinking.


On the recommendation of a colleague I tried the Headspace app. Amazingly, inside two week I started to become more mindful.

Admittedly I fail more often than I succeed. Which is fine. The process matters. Perhaps, it's the point.

So thanks Andy Puddicombe and the team at Headspace for your work. It changes lives <3

If any of this resonates, consider Headspace. Sheryl Sandberg is a fan too.



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This guy changed my life
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