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The joy of finding a competitor

For the past several months I’ve been working at pace on an idea that I developed back in 2008. It monetizes the sale of digital content over social networks.

Pitching has been time consuming and difficult.* Not necessarily because my pitch isn’t good (although there’s room for improvement) but because what I’m doing is groundbreaking. There is no point of comparison.

Until now.

I recently found a start-up in San Francisco somewhat in the space I’m occupying. They received ~$1 million backing from a well known VC firm and several equally well known individuals. They’ve had buyout offers from Valley institutions.

So to be able to say that the business I’m building is, “[name] turned up to 11”, makes getting this off the ground just that little bit easier. It is a joy to have a competitor.

  • Being in Australia probably isn’t helping my cause on this one. Time to relocate the family to SV.


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The joy of finding a competitor
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