Finally a blog post that realistically breaks down the cost of publishing a commercially viable book.

Joel Friedlander, fast emerging as one of my favourite book pub biz bloggers, has laid it bare in his post Competitive Self-Publisher.

If you want to get your head around the cost of book production you must read the post. I’ll cut to the chase: US$16k-$40k to realistically compete in a national market.

My biz, Red Hill Publishing, averages around the $20k-$22k mark but that is light in regards to marketing spend. Not that we don’t market, we simply choose to work below-the-line and our business model calls for authors with established non-retail channels to market.

Read Joel’s post and then come on over to Red Hill Publishing if you’ve got a cracker of a non-fiction book in you (and are interested in exploring a new business model). Happy trails …