Rammstein's staging Precision

61 hours. 7 days. Time lapse of the precision required to build Rammstein's concert stage.

Rammstein's staging Precision
Photo by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg / Unsplash

The music industry has a certain reputation. Fame. Spectacle. Sure. It's also infamously unorganized and chaotic. To misquote Hunter S. Thompson, it's an industry "where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs."

Whether that's still true today, I can't say. I haven't work in the biz for some time. Reputation notwithstanding, you might not be aware of the precision required to put on a stadium show and tour. Engineering. Logistics. All of it.

Dozens of people moving tonnes of steel. Cranes and forklifts. 18 trucks hauling backline, lighting, audio, and rigging.

In the mesmerizing time lapse (below) by German band Rammstein, it takes 61 hours across 7 days to build the stage, hang the rigging, and set the backline for a live performance in Dresden, Germany.

Rammstein is taking their show—and that shage—on the road this summer. If you’ve never seen a Rammstein show, it’s a spectacle. They're currently touring Europe and will be in North America mid-2022.

Interestingly, the last song of their 2022 set is Adieu, from their recently released album Ziet ("time" in German). Rumors are spreading that this might be their last tour. It will, no doubt, be delivered with fire and precision.