I'm currently reading Ray Dalio's new book Principles. Rather than write a review—for a book reviewed numerous times already—I'll update this post with my learnings as I read.


Cloth bound, with a half-sized dust cover, the debossed, two-tone title and author stamps look beautiful. The two-color pages are rare in a trade book of this type, but they tend to make it look a little academic. That said, it does look like it means business.


More than a book

Ray mentioned in the book's introduction that this tome (it weighs in at 592 pages) will be the first in a series of products regarding his principles. He promised an app, which sounds interesting, and another book focused on investing principles.

It's pretty clear that Mr Dalio intends to leave a legacy beyond Bridgewater.

First impressions

Ray writes like he talks. This makes for a different reading experience than I'm used to. It's not that it's difficult, simply different. The effect though is that since I've seen him on TV* I'm familiar with his style, so the effect is that it's almost like he's talking directly to me. Weird.

* Check out Ray's TED talk, How to build a company where the best ideas win.

This post is a work-in-progress and will be updated while I read Principles.