The title of this post could easily have been "Lefsetz doesn't get he's the problem." First up, read this email exchange between blogger Bob Lefsetz and comedian and podcaster Marc Maron.

If you don't have the time, I'll summarize the situation: Maron offers 50 of his latest podcasts for free, and a paid archive via an iTunes app with in-app subscription. Lefsetz linked to a paid archive interview, Marc let Lefsetz know and Lefsetz went off on his "recordings should be free, it's about exposure, make up the money on the stage' rant.

Very rich from a guy who doesn't appear to have a job.

What Bob doesn't seem to understand is that the reason some of his readers won't pay to listen to Maron's podcasts has less to do with Marc's business model and speaks more to his authenticity as a tastemaker, or possible lack thereof. Interestingly Marc suggested that his business has never been better.

I believe it's important as an analyst to live one's assessments, otherwise we're no better than a clanging gong. And people get hurt …