It is the first of March and FebFast is now officially over. 28 days sans alcohol. Thanks to everyone who made a contribution via Red Hill Publishing to the important charities supported by FebFast. Our fundraising page is still open and I’m still on the wagon so please make a donation to the cause!

I learnt several important things about alcohol during my FebFast experience. Here goes:

  • I lost 4+ kilos (nearly 10 pounds) in 28 days simply by not drinking booze. An after work beer that becomes a glass of wine (or two) over dinner during what is usually a sedentary part of the day is a recipe for weight gain and I imagine cardiovascular disease and other nasties.
  • At the end of the day when I felt like I needed ‘a drink’, that didn’t mean I felt like I needed alcohol, it meant I was thirsty. You know, the dehydrated kind of thirsty from not drinking enough water during the day.
  • My new-found clarity of mind is quite something. I look forward to using this sparkle to my business’ and our authors’ advantage. Deals to do …!
  • My biggest discovery though is that I now know I don’t need alcohol to unwind.

So if you’re looking to lose some weight and find a little bounce in your day, think about spending some time on the wagon.