Earlier this month the re/code team ran a series of interesting posts on China's tech industry. Walt Mossberg’s piece The next Samsung will come from China was notable for this quote:

I predict that the next Samsung — the next little-known, or poorly regarded, foreign consumer electronics brand to earn respect and success in the West — will be from China. And I think this will begin to happen in the next few years.

Walt's starting with the wrong premise, that Chinese electronic products are poorly regarded. Over the past 20+ years China has produced the majority of the West's electronic goods. We're all familiar with Chinese manufactured products, even if the brand is Japanese or America. We know they work.

So unlike Samsung, Lucky Goldstar (LG), et el, which had to build brand reputation, consumers already trust Chinese manufactured electronics.

To Walt's point, this has already happened. It's just that they're not yet focused on the U.S. market. This ought to be a sobering thought.

Header photo by Li Yang / Unsplash