Regular readers know I’m a Mac-head. With the exception of routers, modems, NAS drives, WIN virtual machines inside OSX, etc, my company is 100% Apple.

So not one but two eyebrows were raised at the news that Apple’s head of industrial design, Jon Ive, might be exiting the building.

Steve Jobs is clearly a visionary (and a rare one at that), but the idea of Tim Cook replacing Jobs doesn’t seem so worrying. Cook is an operations guy and Apple will continue to grow fine with him at the helm. It may even prosper.

Perhaps Jobs and Ive work closely together on matters of design? Perhaps Ive’s brilliance is brought out by Jobs. 1+1 does equal 3 in the land of creativity.

If I held Apple stock and given Jobs’ health I’d be sending a rocket through the board to make sure Ive stays put, even if he’s not in the same building. It’s 2011 and creativity knows no bounds.