How to manage a Kickstarter campaign

A great Kickstarter campaign relies on great communication. Here's how two projects that went sideways got it right.

How to manage a Kickstarter campaign

Kickstarter is fantastic, an opinion formed after backing an entire two campaigns ... Pen Type-A and LIFx.

Neither have gone entirely as the creators had perhaps planned, so you might imagine there would be a mass of angry backers. But no and the reason is simple: absolutely fantastic communication.

I just received my seventeenth – 17th! – update from the LIFx team. Because their communication is so informative and so well timed I feel like I'm on the journey with the guys as they make what might be the world's first consumer grade WiFi light bulb. That there's a small delivery delay is understandable given the project's scope.

Similarly, when the Pen Type-A team hit trouble (with a big 'T'), they provided very detailed and informative updates. Being in the loop helped me understand the rather lengthy delays they experienced in making the world's coolest pen.

The takeaway is that even if, when, things don't go to plan, be open with your backers, investors and team. They'll mostly be more supportive than you might expect.