When you think of the Buddha, you don't think of marketing. But if we agree with Seth Godin that marketing is about spreading ideas, then you could say the Buddha was one of the greatest marketers of all time.

Here's an interesting take on these ideas via copyblogger, How the Buddha solved his marketing problem. Here are some key learnings:

  1. Don't try to reach everyone: focus on the people who actively want what you're offering.
  2. Telling the truth is not enough: it's up to you to cut through the mental clatter and persuade your customers of the value of your offer.
  3. Packaging makes a difference: if you provide a complex or sophisticated product, break your pitch down into simple elements when talking to prospects. Give prospects three key benefits ... explain the fine details later.
  4. Positioning is critical: position your message so that it stands out from the crowd.
  5. You need an effective business model: if you want to survive in this hybrid economy, you'll need a purpose that goes way beyond making money. You'll also need to be genuinely generous.
  6. Community is the bedrock: one of the first steps you should take (in founding your biz, or doing something of lasting value), is to find your village of like-minded people – the people you can help and support, and who will help and support you in their turn.