I recently relocated to Silicon Valley to pursue a start-up in the social commerce space. I wish I'd moved 20 years ago, but a career in the music biz got in the way. If you're a marketing and business development type rather than an engineer, here's how you'll know whether you'll feel at home in the Valley:

  • When you visit the Bay Area for the first time you head straight to the Intel Museum and not Pier 39.
  • Signs on buildings of behemoth multinationals, and select sneaky start-ups, inspire wonder at the goings on inside.
  • You go uber-giddy driving by Parc or SLAC.
  • You understand the billboard adverts as you drive the 101.
  • Ripping the screen off an old iMac to replace a borked HDD is fun. So is swapping out the Superdrive in your MBP for a SSD.
  • You use the word borked ... and grokked ... and dogfooding ...
  • When you tell your partner you're going to learn a new language you don't mean Mandarin.

On reflection, the joy of being a noob :-)