My answer to this ^^ question on InBound

This is tough. Let's start with your homepage, which tells me what you do and not why I should care. The single screenshot on the page is of a contact list, and I recommend you add additional images that let a site visitor understand the solution.

I would find a niche and build a product that solves the challenges specific to that vertical. It is very difficult to build a product for a horizontal market, let alone scale the marketing ($$$$$). This will also help your product/engineering team remain laser focused.

Candidly, I don't think the business world needs another CRM. If you guys had some amazing AI, I might change my view. E.g. if you could enrich my leads with enough data that when a significant external event that mattered to the lead occurred, you sent me an alert to reach out to the lead, then wow (kind of).

Hope that's of some help.

PS. I signed up to play around and don't believe you guys have me in an onboarding campaign of any sort. I'd fix that, ASAP ;-)