When I chanced upon the joys of raising a family I decided working in the music industry wasn’t a healthy (or fair and reasonable) occupation. So I gave the game away.

Eight years later the calling has returned and I expect I’ll be managing an artist somewhere in the world sometime soon.

A good friend called me a week ago to help him out* driving at a music festival. It was great fun driving artists and execs around, and I did enough things right to get a call to work at the Future Music Festival in Brisbane last weekend.

I’d forgotten how incredibly chaotic† the music biz can be, especially in a live environment. I can’t help but wonder whether my bud was testing my mettle? Whatever the case, there is a strange joy in the long hours and terrible pay‡.

* I was only one of a very big team and as the n00b was given an easy time of things.
† I’m being kind.
‡ I earn in one hour as an entrepreneur what I earn in ten driving vans around.