US music supervisor PJ Bloom (Glee, CSI:Miami) is 'shocked' that TV studios still pay labels for sync tracks, rather than the other way around.

Fees have systematically gone down over the years. That's going to continue to happen. To me the potential [exposure] opportunity is immense, I would argue that you as music rights owners could buy the right sync, you probably would.

— via MusicWeek

For worse (there's no better in this), "do it for the exposure" is an infinite loop toward exploitation and poverty.

It's also perpetuating a mentality where artists are expected to see the benefits "somewhere else." Every media now wants to present itself as a form of promotion, the single is promotion, the album is promotion, the tour is promotion – all pointing fingers at each other as the bit that makes money for the artist.

— via Digital Music News

The music industry has always delivered binary results, and notwithstanding the internet's promise of economic democratization, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.