Here's a very brief post I wrote about the latest update to TinyMCE, where we added a color picker to menus and improvements to our internationalization.

TinyMCE 5.0.5 adds color picker to menus, RTL updates

We're now at version 5.0.5. Where possible I like to bring at least one image into my work posts. Humans are very visual creatures (even those who consider themself highly analytical) and this help with the story.

TinyMCE 5 UI Elements

One thing I love about Tiny, both the tech and working there, is our commitment to accessibility. When you hear people in Silicon Valley sprout platitudes about "making the world a better place", and when asked about a11y they stare back blankly, you know they're not serious about really making things better.

In a similar way, I also love that TinyMCE is translated into about 50 languages, has spell checking in about 15 languages, and has full support for RTL languages. That's a very internationalized product, which presents a truly wonderful marketing challenge.