An app for helping entrepreneurs "turn ideas into businesses" got a run on Jason Calacanis' Launch Ticker, where Calacanis said:

There is now an App for developing an App business—it’s not a bubble. It’s. Not. A. Bubble.

Elevatr isn't the first app (web or mobile) aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs build a business. There's a tech gold rush and these apps are no more than pick and shovel equivalents.

Whether there's a bubble, I'm not qualified to comment, but it occurs to me that the huge, easy to find nuggets have been unearthed and all the inane consumer apps one sees are people mining for the remaining specs.

The only way to "strike it rich" is to find a new seam, which means mining new ground.

(And that's my metaphor quota done for the year, and probably beyond :-)