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A personal pivot

After 15 years* working in the entertainment industry I’ve decided to pivot. It’s a big, scary call.

I’m 42 this year. ‘Old’ by a lot of people’s standards: young entrepreneurs who have the capacity for and/or absence of obligation that allows them to work 16 hour days while partying for the remaining eight; and investors who expect to see gigantic goals kicked by peeps my age.

Nonetheless I have been sitting on a process I devised in 2008 that is now of its time. If I don’t at least attempt to make this happen there will be regret.

The last time I looked at an industry from the outside, not knowing how it actually works, I felt excited, daunted and humbled. I feel the same way today, albeit tempered with a little wisdom.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • I worked 15 years in the music biz, six concurrently in book publishing and two concurrently in online ‘new media’ publishing (as it was back then).


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A personal pivot
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