A few things I hold to be true

These are the truths I hold to be true. They're personal to me and how I live my life. You should have your own. You will, at least, know where I'm coming from.

A few things I hold to be true
  1. The single, clearest determinant of success is self-discipline. The indicators of success result from practicing this.
  2. After self-discipline, resilience.
  3. Kindness may be slightly slower to deliver results, but they're always the correct results.
  4. Compassionate honesty is the best way to improve oneself, and if required others too.
  5. Patience does not mean "slow".
  6. Work/life balance doesn't exist, but each has its place from moment-to-moment.
  7. The most important question anyone can ask is, "why?" This is especially true in business.
  8. It is best to operate from first principles, and it is important to make the time to do so.
  9. A rigid 8-hour work day is not productive.
  10. What does it matter is someone can do their job while skiing down a mountain?

This post is a work-in-progress, inevitably.