I've been to the United States a few times and I find it an endlessly fascinating place. I'm in the Bay Area for the first time and this is the closest I've felt Stateside to being back home. LA and NY have very different personalities.

For the first time though I think I'm starting to get my head around the cultural differences between our countries. I'll blog about it once my trip wraps as there is still much to learn.

From an entrepreneurial perspective though, I was chatting with an Aussie here and he offered up a laugh out loud example of the difference:

If pitching a Holstein-Friesian cow, an Australian will point to the black and white colour, talk about the features of the cow, what it does, perhaps what it ate for breakfast; an American on the other hand will hold up a burger and exclaim how incredibly tasty it is.

Something for all budding Australian entrepreneurs to contemplate.