A big w00t w00t for Mark Webber, winning the F1 Spanish Grand Prix on the weekend. He did so with a flawless drive, possibly a career best.

I got to thinking over the weekend about the question in my last post as to why Mark doesn’t win as frequently as he should.

And I think I came up with an answer: I’ll call it “winners’ poise”. Think of it as balance, equilibrium.

Now, get this. Mark’s Twitter account is @aussiegrit. Apropos of nothing? Hang in there.

As we’re practising and refining our craft of choice – driving fast cars, writing books, finding a cure for cancer – we need grit and determination. We’ll be rejected (many times), we’ll make mistakes and we’ll fail (but not too often if fortune smiles). Mastery of our chosen craft arrives through sheer perseverance and single mindedness.

But once we do what we do without thinking, grit and determination is no longer any needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s writing songs or cooking, the act of doing happens without thought.

I can’t help but wonder whether Mark Webber has finally achieved his winners’ poise? This doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily win the Monaco GP, but we’ll know whether he’s trashed the grit just by watching the way he drives that magnificent Red Bull Renault around the streets of Monte Carlo this weekend.