This week I am attending the already valuable creative3 forum run by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia here in sunny Brisbane, AU. Two super keynote addresses this morning, one from Adam Elliot of Harvey Krumpet and Mary & Max fame (both fab films), and the other from Russel Howcroft, boss man at ad agency George Patterson Y&R. (You might know Russel as the capitalist-pig-dog-guy on the ABC’s The Gruen Transfer. Personally, I can relate …)

From a creative industries investment perspective Russel asked a killer question:

“If you can’t afford to market your product, should you even create it?”

A couple of hundred creative entrepreneurs instantly became rather uncomfortable, but it is such a pivotal question and one that we all must be able answer before we invest time or money in our next project.

On a lighter note, Russel questioned whether creativity works in a commercial environment? A pair of creatives from George Patterson Y&R in Melbourne had already put the question to the test. The following vid provides the wicked sick answer.