Regular readers will know I use quite a few Apple products. Even if I question Jobs’ integrity in his response to the iPhone 4 antenna fault the likelihood of a 2nd Gen iPad purchase is relatively high; an iPhone 4 in its current incarnation on the other hand, zero.

But when it comes to buying a dedicated ebook reader to replace my BeBook One I have no loyalty. I’ll buy the product that offers the best features vis build quality on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

So, what would it take for me to buy a Kindle? I wouldn’t, unless … Amazon gave me a Kindle in exchange for buying, say, $99 worth of books.

And why should Amazon give away a Kindle? Doing so would wed me to the Kindle Store much in the same way an iPad would wed me to Apple’s iBookstore.

Apple and Amazon are in different businesses. Apple sells apps and music to move hardware. Amazon moves Kindles so to sell books.

If Amazon is to stand any chance against Apple [Jobs claims Apple is selling an iPad every 3 seconds] it needs the Kindle to become ubiquitous. Even at $139 that’s not going to happen.