Value chain myopia

This from the LA Times:

Over the years, continued Rapino, the music business in general and Live Nation in particular (referring to Stewart), “started to forget along the way that our job in the value chain is to kind of connect Dave and his fan, and make sure that experience and product is good. And I think what’s happening in the music business on the concert side — this is the first year in 20 years in which the industry is starting to feel kind of a push-back from the consumer. And it’s all about what you would think: We’re charging too much at the door; we’re charging too much for a service fee; we’re not being creative along the process in the delivery of the product. We’re letting you do all the creativity and then kind of wrapping it up in a noncreative way.”

Most of those engaged in the business of music never understood where they actually sat in the value chain. If they did the industry wouldn’t be in the condition it’s in …



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