Mark Cuban blogged today about TV, particularly what/how Google and Apple should move their TV aspirations forward. He wrote something particularly interesting:

TV is the path of least resistance alternative to doing nothing. When you do nothing. Time passes too slowly. When you are doing something, even something that barely requires consciousness, like watching TV, there is the chance that time will go by more quickly. We look for the path of least resistance to passing time whenever we are bored.

TV is the best cure for boredom. That is what makes TV so popular.

I sometimes wonder how those incredibly productive people do all that they do. You know the type: multilingual actor, exhibited photographer, successful businessperson, et cetera.

I expect they fill their lives with the things that help them achieve their success. There’s also a better than even chance they don’t watch much TV, play games on the net, or spend time on Facebook; all the things that keep us from being bored but don’t actually lead to productive lives.