If there is any doubt that the music industry thinks we’re all stupid one need only consider the opening paragraph in the first post on the new Ticketmaster blog Ticketology.

Today we’re excited to announce three important changes to the way we interact with you.

How We Present Pricing and Fees

We get it – you don’t like service fees. You don’t like them mostly because you don’t understand what the heck they are for.

Oh, we understand what they’re for. It’s called profit. Big fat profits.

But the reality of the live entertainment business is that service fees have become an extension of the ticket price.

It might be your reality dude-who-wrote-the-blog-post, but that doesn’t mean the punters accept it. Be honest, it’s a rather lame justification for not really wanting to change your business practices.

Most of the parties in the live event value chain participate in these service fees either directly or indirectly – promoters, venues, teams, artists, and yes, ticketing companies – and service fee rebates are our largest annual expense at Ticketmaster.

I love corporate speak: live event value chain. Sounds good doesn’t it? Bamboozling even. Good to know that our entertainment has a value chain. Shame the average punter isn’t seeing much VALUE!

And TM just let it be known that even artists are taking a cut of the fees. Long live rock ‘n roll …