I received an email from Seth Godin’s team the other day advising me that a free download of the Poke the Box PDF workbook was available. Cool!

The mail noted that subscribers to The Domino Project had already received the workbook link. The implication? That I was receiving old news and that to get the good stuff I should add my name to Seth’s Domino list.

The ‘problem’ (it’s not really my problem) is that I am indeed on the list. But I hadn’t received notification of the freebie.

The other problem is that I purchased both hardback and digital editions of Poke the Box. So I bought in early; an early adopter if you like. Maybe even a taste maker.

And the final problem is that I did eventually receive an email from the Domino list, 24-48 hours after the first email which went to non-Poke the Box people.

So I didn’t feel particularly special. The problem to be solved for Seth and his team is managing the smaller details which impact the big picture goals of his Domino project.