I’ve been an Optus Mobile customer for a couple of years and when taking a break from the office have not needed to rely on mobile coverage – I’m on break after all.

But this past four days the Red Hill team were in Byron Bay doing stuff at the Writers Festival and this time I needed reliable, fast mobile/internet connectivity.

Optus failed miserably. Perhaps tellingly, Optus + iPhone 3G failed miserably.

Reception was patchy, calls dropped, internet connectivity dropped. A very bad experience.

Regular readers would know the Red Hill office is due for a mobile upgrade. The iPhone 3Gs are getting old. There’s a mobile network changeover on the cards too.

Any business is only as good as its weakest link/s. Perhaps Optus coverage is fantastic in and around Byron Bay? Perhaps the iPhone wasn’t up to the job? Whatever the case it’s usually the network that is going to cope most of the fallout. Just ask AT&T …