The Daily Telegraph writes, “TEN’S decision to launch into the digital sphere with sport-dedicated channel ONE was questioned by many in the industry.”

Really? A bad idea. IMHO Kerry Packer would have been rolling in his grave that TEN launched a 24 hour sports channel and not NINE. Packer built one of Australia’s most dominant media empires, becoming a billionaire many, many times over in the process, on the back of sport and current affairs.

Packer understood the ‘average bloke’ and recognised the importance of sport in his (our/my) psyche. That a 24 hour sports channel wouldn’t work belies a profound lack of understanding of our society.

Mark Cuban recently wrote, “What I have learned in 11 years in the sports business is that the dumbest guys in the room are always the media guys.” Perhaps the same can be said for media commentators too?