Another Mark Webber post. Can’t help myself :-) The man has the ‘winners poise‘.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and of course those who follow Formula 1 know Mark won the Monaco Grand Prix! First Aussie since Sir Jack Brabham in, get this, 1959, to win at what many say is the most demanding circuit on the F1 calendar. First Aussie with back-to-back F1 wins since Alan Jones in 1980.

If you don’t get just how good this guy is, it ought to be apparent by now.

Anyhow, just as I wished Mark well for the Spanish Grand Prix, I wish him well at Turkey this weekend.

In many ways I think this weekend is the real test for Mark. There are now expectations … from others. I don’t know the guy and so I have no idea as to whether he’s the type of Aussie bloke who doesn’t particularly care what anyone else thinks, or whether he’s the kind who takes it on board.

And of course there will be those journalists Down Under who love to stick the boots in when an ex-pat Aussie does well abroad. I’ve a few choice words for them :-)

As a F1 and Mark Webber fan, all I’d like to see this weekend is Mark show the winners poise that got him over the line at to consecutive races. The balance. The equilibrium.

Makes me realise that if we don’t love what we do — and hopefully have fun doing it — we probably aren’t in the right place and need to move on.

My thoughts on ‘winners poise’.