If the volume of media coverage is proportional to the indicative success of any given product or service, when it comes to smartphones Apple would win hands down.

Interesting to note then that, according to TBIRESEARCH, RIM’s Blackberry maintains a healthy 42% market share over Apple’s iPhone at 25%.

Even more interesting are the market share trends:

In the past five months Google’s Android platform has gained considerable share of the US Smartphone OS market while Apple’s iPhone floundered and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile suffered a pretty sharp drop. During that period Windows Mobile dropped from about 20% share to around 15%. Over the same period Android’s share has increased from less than 5% to nearly 10%. Apple has hovered around the 25% mark, not really moving anywhere.

TBI has a neat graph that makes it all very easy to understand. If Android continues its market share gains uninterrupted it will soon be a serious threat to the iPhone OS.

Although Apple isn’t standing still (iPhone OS 4 was announced last week), all is not well in iPhone developer land and the iPhone’s success is built on apps.