Interesting times in the business of books. Many publishers are clearly at sixes and sevens in regards to their digital strategy. If as a publisher I was in the business of paper containers I’d feel the same way. But I’m not. Indeed Red Hill Publishing is not even in the content business.

Here’s a thought: what if the most valuable asset available to movie studios, record labels and book publishers is not copyright? What if the value of content rights is (rapidly) becoming a zero sum game? Where’s the value then?

The $250 an hour answer [cheap plug for my consulting services …] is in relationship; it is an asset and a quantifiable one at that.

The kicker for investors though is that traditionally they don’t have a relationship with the entity buying their goods. No not the distributor or retailer, but the consumer; the dude or dudette who spends cash on stuff. That relationship resides with – or between more accurately – the creator of said stuff and the consumer.

Investors need to get their head around monetising relationship. Did I mention $250 an hour ;-)