If you received an email from any of the Red Hill team this month, you may have noticed a note at the bottom that says we’re taking part in FebFast. We’re going booze-free this month as a way of raising funds to combat alcohol abuse and harm among young people.

FebFast money goes to great causes such as the Ted Noffs Foundation and the Australian Drug Foundation. It’s a subject that’s close to our hearts – not just because we enjoy a chardonnay or two, but because we’ve seen the damage alcohol abuse can do. Especially for me – my years in the music industry showed me how talent and creativity can go down the drain when alcohol and other drugs take the wheel.

Many thanks to those who have so generously supported our efforts this month. If you would like to back us with some cash, whether it’s the price of a beer or the cost of a carton, just go to www.tr.im/febfast. We’d love to rustle up at least $60 more: if every FebFast participant could do that, we would collectively hit the million dollar mark – woo hoo! (Our fundraising page remains ‘live’ for another 30 days.)

Have a great weekend – and if you’re raising a glass, think of us …

Robert & the Red Hill Publishing team.