Angel investor Jason Calacanis says this about when the right time is to to close your angel investment round. Interesting for those of us raising for tech ventures. (More about what I’m up to in this space in the future.)

Everyone at the Web 2.0 conference, which I am lobby crashing during the LAUNCH conference announcement, is asking me if there’s a bubble, when it’s going to pop and what they should do.

There are four distinct bubbles right now:

  1. The Angel Bubble (huge)
  2. The Talent Bubble (unprecedented)
  3. The Incubator Bubble (large)
  4. The Stock Market Bubble (modest)

Based on these I have four pieces of advice for startup founders:

a) Close Your Angel Round — NOW!
b) Close Your Series A — NOW!
c) Move out of Silicon Valley
d) Join a Quality Incubator and Work It!
e) Focus on the Waves