As is the case with most small business owners, I am by necessity a jack-of-most-trades. IT acquisition for Acute Communication and Red Hill Publishing is one of the things I do.

I started falling out of love with Apple recently; don’t know why, maybe I was perplexed by paying a lot for MobileMe and not getting much in return? Maybe it was the iPhone 4 and Apple’s handling of the problems?

Whatever the case, Google is now our mail serving partner. Amazon our remote data storage partner. I’ve kicked a couple of old WinTel boxes back to life with Windows 7, which is surprisingly excellent.

Our office iPhones are a couple of years old and due for renewal. I’m seriously looking at Android. Software updates are due on Adobe’s Design Premium; do I really need to run it on a Mac?

It’s a timely reminder for all business people (myself included) that customer loyalty only extends so far.