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I remember seeing John Butler Trio play an extended set at an awards ceremony in Sydney, Australia in 2001. It was a stunning performance and at the time I thought to myself here was an artist with something to say. That seems a lifetime ago, yet John Butler is still delivering wonderful folk/blues.

Released in early 2014 Flesh & Blood was recorded in only 20 days. Enjoy!

Justifiably one the ten best hip hop records of all time, The Low End Theory swings and grooves like few other records in the genre. A fave.

Time to change one’s tune from the old school hip hop the past few weeks, yesterday’s blues of Robert Johnson to a band I hadn’t really paid much attention to: Mastodon. Once More ‘Round the Sun is a stellar release. Looking forward to checking these guys out live.

No idea what the ethnomusicologists say about Robert Johnson, but imho a lot of modern music follows a road back to this master of the Delta Blues.

This record makes me so incredibly happy: can’t quite explain it. You’ll just have to listen and discover for yourself.