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Notwithstanding my criticisms of Spotify’s family pricing model — in fairness they probably have their hands tied by the majors (so they’re kinda fucked) — I still love the service. Especially when it comes to hearing new tunes.

Work on your art, work on your craft
Whatever it is, practice it
‘Cos when you practice it you honor it
When you treat it good, it treats you good
Don’t say “I’m an artist,” or, “I wanna be an artist”.
Be an artist.
And to be an artist you have to create.
— Blackalicious

Work on your art

As I mentioned previously Spotify needed to implement a “family plan”, which they’ve now done and announced yesterday.

But if subscription services are to gain the mass they need to be viable into the long-term, I believe optimal pricing is somewhere around $3 per month per user for a family-type plan, perhaps $5-8 for individuals.

As it stands, Spotify’s Family Plan offers a 50% discount off each extra account. For my family of four, that’s $25 per month; $300 per year. Pass!

According to Re/code:

Apple has been pushing the labels for more extensive price cuts. It wants to relaunch the Beats Music subscription service it bought last spring next year, and industry scuttlebutt is that it’s trying to get the price cut in half, to $5 a month.

Anyhow, why I call their Family Plan a fail is that they’ve gone half way. Why not simply cut the price to $5 for everyone on the plan. Simple.

Portishead’s Dummy was a revelation when I first heard it and like all great records has retained its vitality while revealing something new on each listen. Hope you like it too.

As an aside, I drove the band around Brisbane, Australia on their last tour. They really are fantastic people.