The future of Periscope & broadcasting

I was instantly captivated by the iOS app Periscope, particularly its potential as a broadcasting tool.

I see it as a game changing technology. Imagine enabling a user to act as director, rebroadcasting a disparate set of users at a live event (time bound) or a location over time (geo bound), selecting the best viewpoints to share with the audience. This would completely democratize content production.

Content creation as one-to-one (e.g. Skype) and one-to-many (e.g. YouTube) has of course been solved, but produced, multi-view social video, would be a game changer.

With the right attitude toward partnerships and monetizing everyone in the value chain this would be nothing short of a revolution for live broadcast. Not to mention what it would do for news and important global events.

I’d love to work on that!

(Props to the Periscope team for enabling the map view. Ballsy move to show how few people are broadcasting while making my experience exponentially better.)

Written listening to OceanLab, chillin’ in Incline Village.


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